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A Leading IELTS Test Preparation Center

We Have Complete IELTS Training Package

Welcome to your one-stop resource for top quality tutoring and test prep that you can trust. We have helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals, providing them with time-tested strategies that work.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) assesses Test Takers’ English language proficiency. People may have to take IELTS test if they are to study or to work in English speaking countries such as Canada,The UK, The USA, Australia or for some university admissions. There are two IELTS test modules available – IELTS Academic and IELTS General-and both of them are available as paper-delivered and computer-delivered. IELTS Test takers usually look for how to get a band 7 or band 8 score in IELTS test in order to qualify for migration to countries like Canada, Australia, or the USA. In fact, there is no short cut for achieving a higher IELTS band score other than attending IELTS preparation classes and getting support from an experienced trainer. So, joining our trainer assisted live online IELTS course is a the best solution for a successful IELTS test taking.  

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At Emcan Institute IELTS Preparation, we teach students to work smarter, not harder. With innovative teaching techniques, qualified instructors, and quality learning materials, we help students strengthen their foundations and improve their skills, with guaranteed results.

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Our proven methodologies and teaching techniques at Emcan Institute live online ielts preparation are guaranteed to boost test scores and build confidence in all students, no matter their starting point. There are no tricks or shortcuts - just tried and true strategies for success.

Guaranteed Results

Rigorous Study. Real Results.

At Emcan Institute Online IELTS preparation, our dedicated and experienced faculty provides students with comprehensive lessons that lead to real results in a short period of time. We’re here to give you world-class guidance and help you achieve your best.

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Our highly qualified teachers help you achieve your goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We support students looking to both strengthen their foundations and improve their performance. 

Our IELTS Training Course: We have live online IELTS preparation course, which is fully trainer assisted. So, students will get a teacher & class experience. We provide maximum individual attention to our students because our class sizes are small - maximum 5 students per class. After enrollment, students will attend a pre-course assessment test. This test will help our trainer to understand students' level and guide students through the test requirements. Followed by this section, students will get test information session, English language booster sessions, module introduction and practice questions sessions, performance review sessions, and mock exams. In between, there will be sufficient practice works as after class assignments. By passing through all these guided learning sessions, our students will be able to appear for IELTS test with added confidence.

IELTS Training Course Intensive: This course is a total package for those who are familiar with test format and has test taking target in focus. Course duration is 30 hours ( 16 sessions X one and half-hour plus two scored mock exams). Course fee is $105. This course is fully trainer-assisted with maximum 5 students in one class. Individual IELTS course is available at an extra cost. 

IELTS Writing Training Course: This is a customized course for helping those who has taken IELTS test multiple times, but could not succeed because of low writing score. Such people may need a customized IELTS writing training. Course duration is 9 hours ( 6 sessions X one and half-hour). Contact us for more details and for fee details.

Please contact us to know more about our IELTS Preparation course

Other Courses:

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OET Preparation Course

English Proficiency Test for Medical Professionals

OET is an English Proficiency test like IELTS, but for medical professionals. So, The content and vocabulary will be medical related which make the testing easier for healthcare professionals. We have very effective live online OET training course. Our course is fully trainer assisted. This is a complete package for OET test Preparation.

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PTE Test Preparation Course

Reach Higher

PTE is a computer delivered English proficiency test. If the test taker is comfortable in using computer, PTE is a good alternative to IELTS. If you want find a more wise selection between PTE and IELTS, our trainers are experienced enough to support you. We have well structured live online  PTE test preparation course.

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TOEFL Prep Course

Exceed Your Expectations

We have well designed live online TOEFL iBT | ITP | PBT Test preparation courses. Our TOEFL Preparation course includes, student assessment, TOEFL Test information, Strategy sessions, Practice, and mock exams with feedback  sessions.

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Before applying for IELTS, I was a bit skeptical with regards to the tricky questions asked by the examiners. I browsed through a lot of websites with regards to getting information, however, nothing was of much use. So I started looking for a training institute and found EMCAN. I compared their rates with other institutes and found them as the most reasonable with regards to the fees. Joining EMCAN was the best decision I have made as they have taught me to overcome the tricky parts in IELTS. The course syllabus provided by them and their method of teaching has helped me overachieve my target band. I am really thankful to EMCAN for all the support and I would blindly recommend anyone taking IELTS to enrol with EMCAN. (I got Band 8)


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Emcan Institute, Office #502, Fifth floor Floor, Al Muteena Technic Building,
Near Salah Al Din Metro Station, Salah Al Din Road, Deira, Dubai.

+971 54 450 7119 | 4 224 4492

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